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How I discovered gravity in 1977 in a Tim Hortons parking lot

writing November 15, 2012

Do you remember the assumptions you made about the world when you were a kid? I thought there was a little man inside my stomach that ate all the food that I stuffed down my gullet. A friend of mine recently told me she thought the whole world was in black and white in the old days, not just photographs and movies. I started watching baseball in 1981; I thought the Expos were going to make the playoffs every year. When you don’t have all the facts, you make sense of things as best you can.

Here’s a story about my discovery of gravity when I was five. It appears on CBC.ca’s Canada Writes site, as an entry in their “Close Encounters With Science” challenge. There are doughnuts.

Bay Area Freezers

Uncategorized October 14, 2011

While I was somewhat disappointed when it was revealed that the 2011 Massey Lectures would not, in fact, be a comprehensive study of The Mad Dash and its influences on contemporary Canadian culture and society, I thought Adam Gopknik on winter was a pretty good second choice. To mark the start of this year’s lectures, Daybreak on CBC Radio One here in Montreal has been soliciting quintessential Montreal winter stories. For anybody who’s ever found me at a party, in the kitchen, with my head stuck in the freezer, this explains everything.

Bay Area Freezers