Mustard + drizzle is probably my favourite two-word combination in the English language

Uncategorized April 13, 2012

As if there was ever any doubt, I am extremely excited for the world now that Pizza Hut has unleashed hot dog-stuffed crust pizza onto it. I have to hand it to the Hut’s creative department for encasing the wieners in the crust rather than simply chopping them up and throwing them on top of the whole pizza. I know a guy named Julio who’d be so impressed by this if he was a real person.

What I’m most intrigued by, however, is this “mustard drizzle,” which is, apparently, free. Does that mean it comes at no extra charge or does it mean the mustard drizzle is autonomous, drizzling its way across, around, and/or inside the pizza? I imagine it’s the former that applies but I could really get behind an issue like the enfranchisement of the mustard drizzle. But I guess that would mean we’d have to stop eating it. And who wants to live in a world like that?

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